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“Get Paid To Wait”

Discover how we instantly collect $554.34... $712.00...
even $1,714.33 or more
, with 3 simple clicks. 

Special for you! Only $1.95 today for new AUTOKRYPTO customers...


Dear Friend,

CONGRATULATIONS on your purchase of AUTOKRYPTO. You've made it clear that you want to use your money to make more money - smart!

So we thought you might want to know some of our tricks for profiting wildly from the "ordinary" stock market, too. In many cases, it can be even easier to understand and apply than crypto...

In many cases, you don't even really need to "do" anything special to collect...

Just place your order... collect your cash (upfront!)... and WAIT!

It's all explained inside...

*COUPON APPLIED! Only $1.95 today, includes a FREE 30 DAY ACCESS PASS to the Wait Network.

After 30 days, your subscription auto-renews at the lowest rate of $97/month. Cancel anytime!

Get Paid To Wait is our easy-to-read 49 page special report that shows you how we are regularly collecting $1,000’s using this simple model, available only in the Wait Network.

To THANK YOU for being a new AUTOKRYPTO Member, you can grab your copy and check out all of the instructions we have for you in the Wait Network for only $1.95 today.

Go ahead and check it out, and if you aren't blown away, just cancel with our friendly support desk at anytime. (Heck, we'll even refund your $1.95. )

We're taking the "risk" here because we know this world is going to blow you away.

Seriously, keep reading about it.

While what we show you only this page might sound like "pure fantasy" to first timers...there are literally billions of dollars available for anyone to collect every Monday to Friday, from 9:30am to 4pm eastern time.

You set up your brokerage account just once (takes about 10-15 minutes) and then you...


You submit the order and you collect the cash on the spot. 

That cash is immediately available in your account, ready to use however you want.

Of course, there’s no magic or wizardry here (even though it might feel like it, at first.) 

You even have full permission to straight up copy exactly what we’re doing, because we’ll show you what we’re doing with multiple examples. 

You enter your positions, click 3 buttons, collect your cash immediately…and then you can...

Avoid (Nearly) All The Work…

Forget about slaving away in a hot warehouse, a musty grocery store, or in a tiny cubicle to get a measly $15 bucks an hour. (It’s impossible to ever earn what you really deserve that way.)

With this model, if you’re willing to be aggressive, you can immediately collect $100’s - even up to $1,000’s or $10,000’s in cash - all in a single day. 

We have multiple accounts where…

We Collect Cash Like This:

Note: The above are real money trades, designed to illustrate actual examples of money collected. Results are not typical and will vary based on timing, positions, portfolio, margin, approval and other factors. The money is collected and deposited into our brokerage account immediately. We intend to buy back these positions later at a profit, as shown inside Get Paid To Wait. 

Of course, these results are solely our own. This isn’t merely “buying and holding” stocks, although that is an important part of the strategy.

We’ll show you exactly what we’ve done to achieve these results inside our special mini-book titled Get Paid To Wait.

Details on how you can get your copy of that soon, but before we show you how, please understand...

This is Not Magic...

This is not magic or wizardry. 

While it might feel that way at first, we are not simply making money from nothing. That would be against the laws of economics, money and nature.

We’re not fortune tellers and we can’t guarantee that you’ll be showered with money.

We can guarantee though, that we’ll make the entire process baby food simple for you. We've shown our friends, family, and neighbors the exact steps we take, and we've made it so easy that even a 12-year old kid was able to understand it. (We checked.)

That's because the entire process is only 3 simple steps. We show you exactly what we’re doing, and tell you exactly when and why we’re doing it.

It’s Not Rocket Science, EITHER!

There is some jargon that is meant to confuse and intimidate “outsiders” like you and I, but the truth is, this model is actually fairly simple once you understand the basics.

It's so basic, in fact, that most people understand this new world in less than 18 minutes.

That said, if you're the curious type or want to be an "overachiever" to earn even more, then it might take you 1-2 hours to read through everything - but that's it, because we've designed this to be understood by regular folks, not engineers, or geniuses, or whatever.

With this model, you literally collect cash with the click of a button... 

It works great for beginners, retirees, and anyone who understands that money is meant to help you make more money… but has struggled to do it themselves up to this point.

Best of all, you can use it anytime you want, Monday to Friday, 9:30am to 4pm ET. 

The well never dries up because it’s billion dollar investment banks, hedge funds and investors who are paying YOU…

Collecting Is As Easy As 1-2-3

Once you get your brokerage account setup and approved (we show you how) you can just click to begin collecting cash in 3 steps:

1. We show you what we are doing in our brokerage accounts. Exactly, word for word. (You follow along in your account, if you want. No pressure!)

2. You copy us, place the order and instantly collect your cash upfront. 

3. You sit and wait, usually just a short time, usually between 2 to 4 weeks, but sometimes as little as 1-2 days.

This is exactly what we do...

You can either let the position expire or close it early to lock in your profit before time’s up. Either way, if the position is in your favor, you just keep the money - it's yours, practically FREE. 

All you need to do is take a small, calculated and defined risk each time you open a position and collect your money. When we do this, we are very careful so we can never lose more than what we put in.

While all investing entails risk and this model is not suitable for everyone, we believe that it’s only highly risky if you go it alone, don’t understand how it works or how we manage risk. 

All you need is a little bit of... 


This is a walled garden that has been purposely camouflaged, because it creates steady, regular, almost boring cash over and over. It's not flashy, or crazy, or anything “weird.” 

But because Wall Street isn't able to make money at your expense with this model, it’s nearly impossible to come by or figure it out on your own. 

It’s all intentionally hidden behind the curtain.

That’s why we’ve made it as easy as possible to get past the Wall Street gatekeepers and start directly collecting cash. The only skill required of you is patience.

Collecting is easy, fast, and fun. We will show you the exact moves we make to do it. 

But it doesn’t stop there.

You can... 

Collect Again... and Again... and Again...

This is the definition of “rinse-and-repeat.”

By copying this “Get Paid to Wait” model in the example we show you inside the member’s area  once, you can immediately collect $42. 

But you are not limited to using it just once.

- Use it 2 times to collect $84 today...

- Use it 3 times to collect $126 today

- Use it 4 times to collect $168 today...

Then after you collect…

You do nothing!

We just wait and see what happens…

Typically, the longer we wait...the more we get paid!

We will show you exactly what we do, so you can copy us and follow the same moves, if you want.

You can follow this model as many times as you want every day. 

Your only limit is how much you are willing to risk and how aggressive you want to be to collect this cash. (In the example above, only $100 is required to start, but it can be as low as $50.)

Even better...

You Can FEEL GOOD About Collecting This Cash

Collecting this cash is not only completely legal and ethical, but also very useful to society. 

Public Pension Funds - those that are paying retired teachers, police officers, firefighters, nurses, and countless other essential other big banks and publicly traded funds...

Many of them are obligated by law to pay you the cash as shown with this model! 

You can sleep well at night... 

Because you’re doing a good thing, by providing a real, important service that is helping regular people, retired workers, public institutions and countless other companies!

Given everything I’ve told you so far, I completely understand if you’re asking…

Why Would You Give Away

The Big Secret?

I understand if you’re confused why we’d actually reveal this secret system.

Most people operate in a win-or-lose “scarcity mentality” - as if there’s not enough room for people to take advantage of the same opportunities. 

But this really is different. 

Not only is this a multi-billion dollar industry... there is more than enough room for all of us to “cash in” and take advantage of this secret.

That’s because it’s actually a WIN-WIN-WIN for everyone involved. 

Everyone benefits with this:

- YOU WIN because you get to take advantage of this model and our examples to begin collecting cash immediately.

- WE WIN because while we pocket cash using this model alongside you, we get compensation for sharing our transactions and secrets.

- THEY WIN because they are paying you cash to comply with legal obligations or to protect themselves and their clients, even if they don’t use it.

But, let me be clear…

This Is NOT For Everyone…

Frankly, Get Paid To Wait might be a little “too boring” for you.

Please understand, this is not a full-time job. You typically just need to spend a few minutes in your brokerage account once or twice a week to set up your own cash collection machines. 

Many days, you will do absolutely nothing, but your accounts will continue to grow in value. It’s like a coin flip, where you win 80 to 90% of the time.

A typical week might look like:

Monday: Up 3%
Tuesday: Up 1%
Wednesday: Down 2%
Thursday: No Change
Friday: Up 2%

While your portfolio grows, spendable cash also continues to flow into your account and can be collected on command.

This is just an example and your account changes depend on daily market conditions, of course. You can check your accounts anytime to see where you’re at. Most of the time, you don’t even need to do that.

You can just watch, wait and relax. Do whatever you want with your time  - travel with the family, spend time with friends, work on other projects or hobbies. 

If you’ll allow us, we’ll show you exactly how this model works inside…

Get Paid To Wait is our easy-to-read 49 page special report that shows you how we are regularly collecting $1,000’s using this simple model, available only in the Wait Network.

COUPON APPLIED! Includes a FREE 30 DAY ACCESS PASS to the Wait Network, 

auto-renews at the lowest rate of $97/month. Cancel anytime!

Get Paid To Wait is available exclusively inside the Wait Network, where we’ll show you exactly what we’re doing right now, so you can directly copy us, if you choose. 

Yes, like everything in life, there is some risk. You define exactly how much risk you’re willing to take on - you can easily get started with as little as $50 to $100 to begin, then grow from there. 

We’ll show you how we even collect the cash upfront, before the waiting period is over!

You might think you’ve seen it all before, but…

Get Paid To Wait is Completely Different:

Set up your account in as little as 15 minutes.
You immediately collect cash upfront.
Billions of dollars available to collect daily.
Works on any mobile phone, desktop computer, or tablet.
Collect from anywhere, using any internet-connected device.
Copy as many times as you want (Mon-Fri, 9:30am-4pm).
No sales, marketing, website or business license required.
Access from nearly any country worldwide.
No licensing, sales, advertising or startup fees.
Start with as little as $100.
Limited downside risk when you follow us.
Easy to start, fun (and profitable!) to master.

Best of all? We’ve made it affordable for anyone to get inside. 

AUTOKRYPTO MEMBERS ONLY get instant access for only $1.95 today by clicking below...

COUPON APPLIED! Includes a FREE 30 DAY ACCESS PASS to the Wait Network, 

auto-renews at the lowest rate of $97/month. Cancel anytime!

Why Give All This Away For Only $1.95?

There are 3 reasons why we are able to make this available to you for just $1.95.

REASON #1: We don't need to worry about competition, because there are many millions of dollars available for everyone to collect daily, including us.

REASON #2: We know that tapping into Get Paid To Wait is genuinely life-changing, and we don't want the price tag to hold back those who need it most.

REASON #3: We know that if we help change your life with what we share today, there's a good chance you stay enrolled in the Wait Network and continue to do business with us in the future.

We’ve decided to share this secret with the public at a small fraction of what it’s worth because there’s more than enough room for other people to collect alongside us, using this model.

Again, everyone wins with this.

To get instant access to what we have to share with you, click the button to join the Wait Network and download GET PAID TO WAIT right now.

Note: This $1.95 offer is a temporary discount for AUTOKRYPTO MEMBERS ONLY and may be removed at any time without notice.

But That’s Not All You Get…

You get all of this included for you on the other side…

COUPON APPLIED! Includes a FREE 30 DAY ACCESS PASS to the Wait Network, 

auto-renews at the lowest rate of $97/month. Cancel anytime!

Get Paid To Wait Book

An easy-to-read outline of our secret methodology revealing our unique model and approach.

Beginner-Friendly First Time Setup

You’ll see the #1 Secret you need to know to begin collecting with the Get Paid To Wait Model.

15 Minute Quick Start Collection Videos

How to collect cash for the very first time, as a beginner from scratch, using Get Paid To Wait.

Proven Example Cash Collection

Example walkthroughs that have successfully generated cash for us over several years.

Money Stacking Worksheets

Simple worksheets to easily track your cash collection and watch your money grow over time.

Free Tools and Resources

Easy-to-use tools that help make it even easier to Get Paid To Wait.

BONUS: 30 Day Free Pass to the “Wait Network” 

Follow along to see our Get Paid To Wait position updates with Wait Network Trade Alerts. We publish regular position reports to make it easy for you to copy what we’re doing now. The Wait Network automatically renews at the lowest rate of only $97 per month after your 30 day Free Pass expires.

BONUS: From $50 to $5,000 Secret Growth Case Study

See actual examples and stories of assets that have returned life-changing gains and how to identify trends to collect outsized gains for yourself in the future.

BONUS: Front-Of-The-Line Personal VIP Support

Get advice, recommendations, and personal "at your service" VIP support directly from our team, anytime you need it, 24/7.

BONUS: 30 Day "Try-It-Yourself" Money Back Guarantee

You get complete protection with our 30 day money back guarantee, which gives you plenty of time for you to learn the system and follow along for yourself.

YouR $1.95 Purchase is Fully protected

There's a reason that 88% of millionaires are self-made. 

Once you know the secret inside the Get Paid To Wait, we know it becomes so much simpler and easier for you to collect cash for yourself at command.

That's why we fully insure your no-risk purchase with our world class 30 DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE.

If you aren't absolutely thrilled with the cash you collect after you read Get Paid To Wait and step behind the curtain of the Wait Network, just let our support desk know within 30 days.

If you aren't completely thrilled for any reason, we insist that you send a ticket to our support team and demand an immediate refund of your $1.95 purchase. We only want happy members and partners to be a part of our tight-knit Wait Network community.

We're happy to answer questions and provide guidance to help our members grow your business any time. See our full refund policy here.

What Happens After You Purchase Today

After you enroll and complete your $1.95 purchase, you will immediately be redirected to the download page for Get Paid To Wait. You will also receive an e-mail receipt with your access link and your free 30 day pass to join us inside the Wait Network for easy reference any time.

Once you join us inside, we'll contact you immediately to give you login details to your new Wait Network account. Inside, you'll be able to see our positions, how it works, and watch our videos so we can show you exactly what we're doing.

PLEASE NOTE: This special $1.95 discount price is available only on this page. Please do not share it publicly. We offer a lot of support to our members, so we must limit access to our group.

You can interact and ask questions, and you can do everything (including collect your money!) right from your computer, mobile device, tablet or phone.

COUPON APPLIED! Includes a FREE 30 DAY ACCESS PASS to the Wait Network, 

auto-renews at the lowest rate of $97/month. Cancel anytime!

100% Beginner-Friendly

The most common question we get is...

“Will Get Paid To Wait work for a complete beginner?”

The answer is an absolute, resounding yes. Virtually anyone can collect this cash, and we’ll show you how to try it for yourself, understand it all and see how it works without taking any risk. 

It works for students worldwide, in virtually any country on earth. If you have access to the Internet and U.S. markets, you can take Get Paid To Wait to the bank.

If you’re a beginner who is just getting started, we envy you.

That means you’re not tainted by the bad advice that so many of our partners and clients have gotten from self-proclaimed “experts.”

There has never been a better time to take advantage of all the opportunities that are available right now. Remember, if you discover that it’s not right for you for any reason, you’re completely protected by our 30 Day Money Back Guarantee.

Start Collecting Cash Now

We take nearly all the risk. If you aren't completely satisfied with the amount of  Get Paid To Wait and the Wait Network brings you in the first 30 days, you'll pay nothing.

COUPON APPLIED! Includes a FREE 30 DAY ACCESS PASS to the Wait Network, 

auto-renews at the lowest rate of $97/month. Cancel anytime!

Our team is here to help! If you have any pressing questions, you can contact our friendly support team at our help desk 24/7 at We have the best staff in the business.

In the unlikely case that they are unable to answer your question, they'll pass your support ticket directly to John and I so we can personally take care of you.

We're here to help you, and we won't stop until you unlock Get Paid To Wait to start earning cash for yourself.

Your Partners in Collecting Cash,

Matt Rhodes and John Rhodes

Here Is Everything You Get Inside Today

Get Paid To Wait Book (49 Easy Pages)
First Time Complete Beginner Instructions
Get Paid Today - 15 Minute Quick Start
Advanced Cash Collection Strategies
Defensive Tactics To Protect Your Portfolio
Simple Cash Flow Tracking Worksheets
Done-For-You Due Diligence Research
Proven Trades Tested For Cash Flow
Wait Network Copy-and-Paste Trades
Wait Network Tools and Templates
Personal 1-on-1 VIP Wait Network Support
BONUS: 30 Day Free Pass To The Wait Network ($97 Value)
BONUS: 100x Return Opportunities and Case Studies
BONUS: Portfolio Buying Power Compounding

COUPON APPLIED! Includes a FREE 30 DAY ACCESS PASS to the Wait Network, 

auto-renews at the lowest rate of $97/month. Cancel anytime!


The methods, strategies and knowledge disclosed inside Get Paid To Wait, the Wait Network and on includes stock, derivatives and financial options instruments, which involves substantial risk and is not suitable for all types of investors. You may lose all of your money, and it is possible for you to lose more than you put in to invest. While the authors make every effort to provide accurate information to the best of our abilities, the authors are not professional financial advisors and none of the knowledge shared should not be deemed as professional advice. All content provided is for educational and entertainment use only.

The authors may use example stocks or transactions to illustrate our methodology and theories. Whenever mentioned, none of the stocks, securities or financial instruments referenced should be considered a solicitation or recommendation to buy the securities. Any results and trades shown are entirely the authors and should not be construed as any guarantee of results. The authors and their respective companies and affiliates are not responsible for losses. You assume all the risks of your financial decisions and you are solely responsible for conducting thorough, independent research before investing in this product or any individual securities or positions mentioned. 

Get Paid To Wait is offered for $1.95 which includes a 30 day free pass to the Wait Network, a $97.00 value. After 30 days, you will get continued access to Wait Network that automatically renews at the rate of $97.00 per month unless cancelled at least 24 hours prior to the date of auto-renewal at our help desk at or juggernauthelp (AT)

Our payment processing, subscription billing and tracking platform is WarriorPlus. You will receive an e-mail receipt after your purchase with your renewal date. We offer a 30 day money back guarantee at our discretion from the date of your initial purchase. No express or implied warranties are provided are being made with respect to these products and services.

For any support requests or questions, please reach out to our help desk directly at For easiest reference, please use Get Paid To Wait and reference your order number in the support ticket you submit.



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